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Google In-Page Analytics: New visual context for your web data

Today Google has announced a new feature called In-Page Analytics, for the well known web traffic service Google Analytics. This new feature is intended to help with the difficulty that users may encounter when trying to visualize and understand how visitors navigate a web page, see which options they are clicking, and to know which elements are more relevant in a page, etc. All these information it is really important when you have to make design decisions and smart choices to present content to the end-user.

“[…]With In-Page Analytics, you can see your Google Analytics data superimposed on your website as you browse.” from Google Analytics Blog

You can give a try to In-Page Analytics by:

1- Login in to your Google Analytics account.

2- Click on View reports.

3- Navigate through Content and In-Page Analytics.

And remember that In-Page Analytics is still in beta, it works well, but the report may not work 100% perfect yet. They also said that while this feature is a step to tackle the problem, there still a lot of other things in the to-do list that they want to implement in the future.


Full demo walk though video from Youtube

Source Google Analytics Blog

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