Google eBookstore is open for business

Today Google has launched its own eBookstore with more than 3 million of Google eBooks ready for you to discover; many thousands of them for purchase and others for free.

Google eBooks was built to fit almost any device you can think of. So you can expect to read Google eBooks in devices like desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablets, smartphones, eReaders. And buying, storing and reading Google eBooks online gets a little easier, like checking an email, with the new Google eBooks Web Reader — No need to have a compatible program in order to read an ebooks anymore –. Additionally there are a couple free apps for Android and Apple devices for those very busy and on the go users.

Some of the feature that you can find in the Web Reader and mobile apps are:

  • Choose font and font size.
  • Change the reading mode to day or night.
  • Line spacing.
  • You can resume the page where you left of between devices.
  • And content synchronization – You can start reading a book on your netbook, continue on your iPhone, and finish in your iPad.

Google Web Reader - eBook reader

Google Web Reader sample

What is interesting about the new Google eBookstore sale model approach that we have not seen with others competitors like, Apple, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble, is that to bring and to keep users using the Google eBooks service, you not only will be able to access and buy eBooks from the Google eBookstore alone, but also from other independent booksellers that are partners with Google: Alibris, Powell’s, and many others from the American Booksellers Association. So, what does this means? This means that you can buy your ebooks from your favorite online vendor, and you can then bring them to your Google eBookstore account (password protected and unlimited storage for all your books), which gives you a little more flexibility of choice and more books to read, and for independent booksellers more revenue while keeping customers.

Google eBookstore page

Google eBookstore page

According to The Official Google Blog:

“When Google Books first launched in 2004, we set out to make the information stored in the world’s books accessible and useful online. Since then, we’ve digitized more than 15 million books from more than 35,000 publishers, more than 40 libraries, and more than 100 countries in more than 400 languages.”

And that is a lot of hours of reading and good learning that you can enjoy through Google Books.

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Source The official Google Blog