Mozilla officially released Firefox 6 and here is how it works

Download Firefox 6

You may have already downloaded and installed Firefox 6 from the various places including from the Mozilla’s FTP servers for several days. But now, the most recognized open source web browser — Firefox — has officially released its version 6 and it is ready for anyone who wishes to get it. 

If you are hard-core fan of Firefox you may have already an idea of Mozilla’s new rapid release cycles, which are a lot quicker compare to previous releases. But if you use Firefox and you don’t have a clue about these new rapid release cycles, the guys at Mozilla have also released a couple of infographics that shows how the new timeline works (original published on Engadget).

And don’t forget to download Firefox 6 from the links down below, if you haven’t already done it!

Mozilla Firefox rapid release cycle - Image A

Mozilla Firefox rapid release cycle - Image B

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Source & images Engadget

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  • Guest

    What is the point of releasing new version after new versions of Firefox when the addons are not updated? The plus point of Mozilla Firefox web browser is it’s addons. A lots of Firefox addons only works on version 3.6 and lower.

    • mhweb

      I think a lot of people like Firefox because it is an open source project in addition to have many add-ons. Now, in order to stay competitive in the web browsing market they have to come out with new release quite often like Google Chrome does.
      The problems with the add-ons is that they are “community maintained” almost all of them are not created by Mozilla, they are created by people that want to contribute to the project. If they have to wait until every developer updates their version of the add-on, it could take years, which is not good.
      Things would be different if Mozilla was a private company and they build every add-on.
      But I think that with the time you are going to see that add-ons will be updated more frequently, once everybody get used to the new fast release cycle.