Fix Facebook Video Calling plugin problems and errors


To fix Facebook Video Calling plugin problems and errors follow this guide.

Facebook Video Calling is now being used by tons of people in the social network and we all know that nothing works perfectly all the time, there are always issues, errors, set up problems, etc. So here is a small guide to help you along troubleshooting Video Calling:

Users have been reporting problems and errors with this feature in web browsers like, for example, it keeps trying to call someone even though you are not, set up error, etc. That’s why here I put together some simple troubleshooting steps that you can use to get Video Calling working again:

Note: Facebook Video Calling on Opera for Mac is currently not supported, but a fix is on the way. Avoid using Opera for this feature until a fix is release.

Clear the web browser’s cache in Google Chrome and Firefox:

To clear Internet Explorer cache do the following:

Go to the Internet Options, in the General tab, and click Delete.

In the Delete Browsing History, leave Preserve Favorites website data uncheck, then check Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, History, Download History, and ActiveX Filtering and Tracking Protection data. Finally click Delete, OK and restart IE.

IE9 - Delete Browsing History

To clear Opera cache do the following:

Click on the Opera button, select Settings and click Delete Private Data. Then just click Delete and restart the web browser.

Opera delete cache - Delete Private Data

One more try:

Lastly, if none of the above worked, you should try to uninstall Facebook Video Calling — refer to this guide to uninstall and install once again –, also clear the web browser cache one more time, and test.

Fixing Facebook Video Calling errors

There are also times where users will get the Error 1603: Fatal Error During Installation, and the only way to fix this issue is by uninstalling and re-installing the Facebook Video Calling plugin. If when uninstalling you get the error code 2738, it’s because there are some Windows registry keys that were not uninstalled correctly, in this case you could use an uninstaller software like Uninstaller 7 — Note that you don’t need to enter your email address to download the software. When you do the install, uncheck the install of toolbars and other stuff. You can use this software for a short period of time, but it is more than enough to fix the error problem.

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  • Rachel

    Also, if NONE of this works for you (I tried, but I still had issues), you should definitely try the Rounds video chat app ( ) — it’s a breeze to set-up and use. Just a few clicks, and nooooo bugs. :)

    • mhweb

      Rachel thank you for your tip : )

      • Rachel

        You’re very welcome! Thanks for the thorough guide. :)

  • Niteshsom

    I am trying to donn load facebook video chat but getting error as Facebook Update Installer failed with error 0*80070002

  • Shiva Sunil Reddy

    i am trying for facebook video call but its showing the error “software supporting video call is temporary unavailabe’. i hav reinstalled the setup but no use

    • Pit

      1. Try refreshing the page till it works.
      2. Did you enable videocalling?
      3. Did you try a different web browser to see if it is your account or your computer software?

      See if this help and let me know.


  • Mac Knight

    I downloaded and installed the app. Others can see and hear me, but I get a blank blue screen. Eventually, it errors out and closes the app.

  • Pritam Kumar

    what is the meaning of error 1662 in FB video calling setup../??? how it can solve ??

  • John Angelo Nuke

    i cannot see the one who i videocalling,,but they can see me,mine are black

  • Ravi

    error code 1612,unable to install fb video call .pls help me

  • Issak Sdu

    I’m connecting to facebook via campus wifi network. A proxy is installed so all internet connection goes through it. I can connect to any website and with any messenger like skype and i can make video calls on skype. The problem i can’t make video calls with facebook. Is there any solution ????

    • Mauro

      Hello Issak,
      Does it work outside the campus, let say a coffee shop or your house?


      • Issak Sdu

        yes it works fine outside the campus.
        sorry being late. I was busy.

        • Mauro

          I think you just answered the question. In this situation is about your computer, for what you’re saying it seems that has to do something with the filters inside campus that won’t let connect with Facebook video or the proxy you’re using.


          • Issak Sdu

            so the only way to get in with fb video is to change the proxy setting, which in this case is impossible because the admin won’t accept do that.

            Thank you anyway.

  • elizabeth

    hola me llamo elizabeth y quiero areglar el error code = 0x80040508 … como hago para arreglarlo ?

  • Feld Spar

    After 2 days, I finally made Skype and Facebook VideoCall both work on my Windows8 Dell computer.

    So many things to try and I thought I had uninstalled McAfee software that was free with my computer many months ago.

    But nooooo…it turns out you also have to go and get their special uninstall the rest of it tool! It’s called the McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool and I give their site link right here to make it easier than the Dumb as a Rock process I completed. Did I mention that it took 2 days to find this simple fix?

    Thanks, Brellie Brellie for letting me practice with you and make sure everything worked!

    • Mauro

      Thanks for sharing!