PRadio: Enjoy free Pandora music streaming in Windows 8

Windows 8 app to stream music

Windows 8 only: Pandora, perhaps one of the most popular music streaming services, has now a modern look app that matches Windows 8’s new (metro) user interface. It’s name is PRadio and it is an unofficial Windows Store app that it allows you to get access to the service and stream your favorites songs for free.

Now you can enjoy the automated music recommendation from similar song suggestions entered by you. Plus, as you will expect, you can easily add your negative or positive feedback to each song.



  • Add/delete radio stations via the search charm
  • Pin radio stations to start menu
  • Multimedia Keyboard support
  • QuickMix to start playing music right-away
  • Artist’s bio
  • Play/Pause/Skip songs
  • History
  • Share Songs with other applications via share charm
  • Give feedback for song
  • Background Streaming
  • Support for snap views
  • Support for touch and tablets


Supported architectures

  • x86/x64 CPUs (Windows 8)
  • ARM (Windows RT)

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  • Bartz

    is there any way of still getting it since it’s been removed from the store?

    • Pit

      Not really, Windows 8 apps are only available from the Windows Store. There are ways, but they just aren’t worth trying.

      You could use the Xbox Music app which will give you 6 months of free music streaming. Then when the Pandora official app comes up you can use that.

      I hope this answer is helpful.

  • Asish Varghese

    The link for the Pandora app has changed. Please update the link to

    It is also called PRadio not Pandora Windows

    • Pit

      Thanks for heads up. All updated!