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Windows 8.1 gets ‘Smart Files’ support from SkyDrive

Microsoft adds new powerful feature to SkyDrive to help Windows 8.1 users to save a ton of local disk space on small devices and desktop computers alike. It’s called “Smart Files” and it is a unique technique that syncs only metadata, folder location, and thumbnail instead of the entire file down to the device. Smart […]


BitTorrent Sync, automatically sync files between computers without breaking a sweat

Remember BitTorrent? The controversial peer-to-peer file sharing application. Well, things have dramatically changed since those days, and the company is developing new interesting products today. BitTorrent Labs, just released “BitTorrent Sync”, a free application that continues using P2P technology and it can well be your next favorite “remote backup”/”private cloud” solution, you’ve been waiting for. BitTorrent Sync […]

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SkyDrive mobile apps and desktop updated, plus select which files to sync

The Microsoft’s cloud storage service, SkyDrive, desktop and mobile apps just received some nifty updates. The most noticeable changed is the addition to allow users to select which files to sync to the service and to remote devices. SkyDrive selective sync makes much easier for users not to  overload low capacity devices with large files and it will prevent the […]

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Windows 8 and Windows Live now work together [Video]

Windows 8 and Windows Live now work together to enhance your PC experience. As you all know Microsoft has already announced the next version of its operating system, Windows 8, and everyone is excited about it, but while a lot of new features has been unveiled, plus the new Metro style design, some other went […]

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How to install and configure Windows Live Mesh 2011

Today we are cluttered with files everywhere. Sometimes it is difficult to keep track of them and their latest version, even more difficult when you are using files between computers, or you have to email or carry files around in a flash drive. This can be annoying and overwhelm over time. To stop all these you could let Windows Live Mesh do the hard work for you.