Twitter win 8 app

The official Twitter app for Windows 8/RT released [Updated]

There are already many Twitter apps for Windows 8, but all of them are unofficial apps and most of them do a pretty poor job on delivering a good experience. Today that is about to change, because Twitter has finally released its first official app for Windows 8. For those users who are already used […]

Facebook News Feed

New Facebook News Feed, a revamped design focus on decluttering

Facebook unveiled Thursday it is revamping News Feed with a new look and feel, emphasizing on “getting Facebook out-of-the-way” and putting people’s stories front and center. As you’ll come to see the new News Feed redesign is a major change since the release of Facebook Timeline back in 2011. There are three main areas where the company is redesigning, including: […]


Facebook Graph Search unveiled, it might just be the future of search

Facebook on Tuesday announced that it’s coming out with a new search experience called “Graph Search” for its yet dominant social network. The functionality is in beta, web only, in English and available just for a handful of users. The new Facebook search engine will make easier for the one-billion+ users — or the one-trillion connections — to find […]

Graph Search Facebook bar

How Facebook Graph Search Works with your privacy [Video]

Facebook unveiled that it is making the search experience a lot better with “Graph Search”, which is a new way to find answers quicker in the social network, sorting out in a smart way the massive amount of connections, people and photos that Mark Zuckerberg emphasises is “not web search”. As we all experienced with every feature that the social […]

graph-search-facebook_wm logo

Sign up for Facebook Graph Search right now

Facebook just announced that the company will slowly roll out the latest beta version of its new Graph Search, a new intelligent way to search inside of the social network. Search is nothing new on Facebook, but the new feature is a lot more than a search box. How well does it work? That’s a […]