Windows 95 running in a Surface with Windows RT?

Win 95 working in Windows RT

Previously we heard about Windows RT jailbroken, and today something new is happening; a user named Netham45 at the XDA forums has figured out a way port for various desktop programs including TightVNC, PuTTy, and BOCHS to Microsoft’s Windows RT operating system. He is making possible to create a virtual environment and run the good old Windows 95 inside of a Windows RT device, which in this case is a Surface, as you see in the image.

Although Netham45 was able to install Windows 95, many features like network isn’t working.

As Zac from WinBeta points out porting a x86 desktop program to ARM is not an easy task, it involves loading and re-compiling the app with software like Visual Studio, and it is something not recommended for anyone to do. Also, Windows RT does not have a complete set of Windows libraries (DLLs), which means that if you somehow manage to port a program to an ARM-based device, it’s not likely to work.

Source XDA Forums via WinBeta

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