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Best WordPress -WordPress 3.0 cheat sheet, WordPress Optimization; etc. and CSS -shorthand cheat sheet, css-specified cheat sheet; etc. collection of Cheat Sheets. We all need help at one point...

WordPress is a free powerful web software easy to learn and use. But sometimes newbie and advanced designers as well, need a little bit of help. Here is when WordPress Cheat Sheets are very valuable; they can help to make you faster and more productive while designing, making your job easier.

The guys at Resourceshave two great articles showing about 12 valuable WordPress Cheat Sheets that it is really worth to check it out, the post have all type of WordPress cheat sheet such as:

1-  The WordPress Help Sheet

2-  WordPress Cheat Sheet

3-  WordPress Optimization/Cheat Sheet

4-  WP Help Sheet

5-  WordPress Visual Cheat Sheet

6-  WordPress Cheatsheet v1

7-  WordPress Cheat Sheet for SEO

8-  WP Loop Cheat Sheet

9-  WP Plugin API Cheat Sheet

10-  WordPress Template Designer Cheatsheet

11-  WordPress 3.0 Cheat Sheet

12- Another WordPress 3.0 Cheat Sheet

You can find all these WordPress Cheat Sheets at 12 Valuable WordPress Cheat Sheets You Must Know

Also, check out this 12 CSS Cheat Sheets. This post has CSS cheat sheet such as:

1-  Blueprint CSS

2-  CSS 3 Cheat Sheet

3-  CSS Cheat Sheet

4-  CSS Cheat Sheet v2

5-  Practical CSS Cheat Sheet

6-  CSS Shorthand Cheat Sheet

7-  CSS Properties and Values

8-  Idea Cheat Sheet

9-  CSS Style Sheet Quick Reference

10-  CSS Specificity- Cheat Sheet

11-  CSS Shorthand Cheat Sheet

12- CSS Cheat Sheets

You can find all these CSS Cheat Sheets at 12 Valuable CSS Cheat Sheet For Upcoming Web Designers

The bottom line is that if you are a newbie designer you need the extra help, and if you are an advanced designer, you may never know when these WordPress cheat sheets will come in handy. So go ahead, read up and download the cheat sheets that you feel are useful to you.

We hope that this resource information is useful to you!

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Source Resources- 12 Valuable WordPress Cheat Sheets You Must KnowResources- 12 Valuable CSS Cheat Sheet For Upcoming Web Designers 


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