Desktop Fun: 4th of July yummy wallpaper collection

It’s time to start the 4th of July celebration! I put together a great collection of wallpapers dedicated to yummy things. Probably you are planning a family trip to see the spectacular fireworks on Independence Day, but I’m pretty sure you are also planning on delicious recipes, like the ones on these images, to make your loved ones even happier. Enjoy decorating your desktop with an image of the USA flag, the inspiration for the colors of refreshing fruits platter, the sweetness of a cake, lolly cakes, trifle, and more.

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Note: These wallpapers are not like Windows 7 themes where images fit perfectly in your computer screen, they vary in size so you may have to stretch, crop, or modify them in a way that will best fit your computer’s monitor resolution. Also click link to download from its original website. Once in the download page, right-click the image and select Save image as…

Images no longer available.