Internet Explorer black and white

A walk through to some of the new Internet Explorer 9’s features

In just 24 hours of Internet Explorer 9 being released, people around the world have already downloaded 2.35 million times, according to Microsoft. That number may seem like IE9 had a great  jump start, but just until you compare it to the 8 million times that Firefox 3 was downloaded in its first day of being released, back in 2008. However it still a solid number considering that now we have more players on the table (e.g. Google Chrome), taking a cut in the browser share market and millions of new Web users with more choices.

If you still haven’t decide to download and switch or if you just want to learn what is news in IE9, here is a great video collection from the Website Channel9 that will give you a good walk through for the new features of this new Web browser.

A look at three performance demos for IE 9 Release Candidate

In this video you will be able to overview three test drive demos to observe the browser performance using hardware acceleration.

First look at 5 features of IE9 RC

This short video will demonstrate five of the new user interface (UI) features that were included in IE9 RC and stayed in the final released.

IE9 Sites on the Taskbar

IE9 Site-Centric Frame

IE9 File Download with Integrated Safety

IE9 Tab Aero Snap

IE9 New Tab Page

You can also learn the capabilities of IE9 by just visiting the test drive page and you will be able to test speed, HTML5, Graphics, and browser demos.