Desktop Fun: Art of the Everyday Dynamic theme

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All things seem to speak to us if we know how to listen to them. Sometimes it takes just a bit of our attention and sometimes the passion within us; passion that arises from the art of our work. Our material world is also beautiful; there are perhaps hidden messages in each thing we pay attention to. These could be the messages many photographers discovered and want to share them with the world.

They have captured in images the different lines, angles, shapes and colours that could have been missed by our eyes if it wasn’t for their vision. Now you have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of things with this collection of photographs for your desktop computer.

This Friday Desktop Fun comes with a fantastic collection of wallpapers of everyday things including: Electric bulb, bracelet beads, Ferris wheel, old bike seen on the street, wood fire and many more.

Art of the Everyday Dynamic free theme has 13 high-resolution images, but because is dynamic, it will automatically update new wallpapers as they become available. Also remember that you can install this theme in Windows 7 as well as in Windows 8.

Wallpaper Art Everyday things