Awesome readers: Thank you and Happy New Year, best wishes for 2015

Year 2014 for Pureinfotech

As another fantastic year is ending, I would like to say thank you for sticking with me and reading every article I have published this year. As many of you know, Pureinfotech has been around for over four years and it has come really far. Twenty-fourteen was by far the year that I published the most articles — from announcements, to juicy rumors, to reviews, to helpful how-to guides –, with the only goal to help you get the most of your digital life with great and relevant content.

Although, Pureinfotech is open to all things tech, the website primary focus is Microsoft’s Windows for consumers, and the company this year did not disappoint. News and products came from every angle and every piece of news that stood out, you could find it in this site.

Pureinfotech has come a long way and it is not just a blog, it is a well-founded resource for Windows, Surface, Xbox, and other things tech. In 2014, I have published a number of exclusives and I have provided a fantastic Windows 10 coverage with over 150 posts on the topic, which will continue to grow throughout 2015.

Now, twenty-fifteen is around the corner and I wanted to take the time to say that I am fully committed to Pureinfotech for years to come, as my vision is to make Pureinfotech a tech-publishing platform that readers can rely on to find all the Microsoft coverage and more.

I know it is a bold dream for one person, but I believe it is not impossible. My ultimate goal is for the website to be something you will share and recommend with other people.

Here in Pureinfotech, I am not just the writer, but I am also the web designer, everything you see here was built from the ground-up by me. If you have been visiting the site for a long time, you’ve seen first-hand that the website has been changing and adapting over the years and it will continue to evolve and improve.

If you like an article, please leave your thoughts in the comments and share it socially on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, or on any social media platform you are using.

I really hoped you had a great year and I wish you an amazing 2015. From my end, I hope you will stick around for more tech news, as twenty-fifteen will be the year of Windows 10 on every device, the next version of Office, perhaps we will also see Windows Phone growing its market share, Surface Pro 4 might get announced, and we will see many other tech products and services not only from Microsoft, but from other technology companies as well.

Happy New Year!