Pureinfotech: The best of 2017

As 2017 comes to end, we look back at the 15 most popular stories published in Pureinfotech.

Best tech of 2017

It’s been another great year for the tech world, especially for Windows users. During 2017, we’ve seen a lot of announcements and releases from many companies, including from Microsoft which rolled out two major updates for Windows 10 delivering a slew of new features and changes.

The company also introduced the Surface Laptop, launched the Xbox One X, and updated some of its other devices, including the Surface Book 2 and Surface Pro.

Pureinfotech covered all the most important announcements and releases, but more importantly, the site gave you a handful of tips to fix problems and to get the most out of these and other devices.

In order to wrap up 2017, in this guide, we’re going to look back at the best stories published in Pureinfotech as we get ready to start 2018.

The following list includes the 15 most popular tutorials and announcements published during 2017.

It’s not an easy task to condense an entire year of stories in a short list, as such many stories didn’t make it into this list.

Happy new year!