Bing quickly helps you to find IRS forms to do your taxes with valuable tips

Bing taxes IRS Form search and download

US Only — For those living in United States, the beginning of a new year also means that it’s the time to pay taxes to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). If you’re not well-organized getting the correct paperwork and filling out the right government forms can be a difficult task. So to make things a bit easier Bing has a few resources to help get your taxes done quicker.

Bing isn’t just a decision engine, it’s also a tool that can easily help you to find what you need right away, like in this case IRS forms. Simply visit and do a search for “IRS Forms” (without the quotes) and on the right you’ll find the three most common forms “1040”, “W-4”, and “W-9”. If you are looking for a specific tax form, simply enter the search query, e.g., “IRS Form 1009”, on the right hand side, you’ll find a convenient to download PDF document.

Not only you’ll find the PDF download, but you also be presented with valuable information, such as instructions, deadline dates, and related IRS PDF forms.

You can find more tips on how to get your taxes done by going to the Bing taxes page, where the company also encourages you to do a search for “IRS Dirty Dozen” to avoid tax scams.

At the end of all, Bing is also offering some humor, just click the “A little tax humor” link on Bing tax page.

Source Bing via WPCentral