Black Friday 2019 tech deals
Biggest discounts of the year

Black Friday 2019 tech deals: Microsoft, Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and more

You can save big on computers, televisions, consoles, accessories, during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale event — Here you'll find the list with the best tech deals from Microsoft, Best Buy, Amazon, and others.

Once again, Black Friday 2018 is just days away, and retailers, including the Microsoft Store, Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart , and many other have already unveiled their best deals on desktop computer, laptops, game consoles, and televisions, accessories, and more.

If you’ve been planning to get a new gadget or upgrade a particular device, between Black Friday and Cyber Monday are perhaps the best days of the year to buy them at their lowest price. However, finding the best deals at their best price is challenging and time consuming, as such in this guide takes most of the work away as it lists the most interesting deals to look out for during Black Friday 2019.

This guide will receive updates to include new deals as they become available and remember that availability and pricing can change at any time.

Important: Amazon Black Friday deals are available the entire Thanksgiving month, starting November 1 (and it’ll continue throughout the Cyber Monday week). The company will be rolling out deals at different point in time throughout sale period, as such there isn’t a specific way of knowing when each item will go live ahead of time. However, you can check all the current deals on the Amazon Black Friday hub.

This year, Black Friday is on Friday, November 28, but most retailers are offering their best deals even before. For example, the Microsoft Store deals run from November 1 through January 3. Amazon deals starts on November 22 through December 2. Walmart deals are expected to start on November 27, at 10PM ET. And Best Buy is having deals before Thanksgiving, but most of the best deals will start on Thursday, November 28, at 5PM ET.

Best Black Friday computer deals

Best Black Friday Xbox One and PlayStation deals

  • Xbox One X 1TB $349.99 | Save $150 | See at Best Buy
  • Xbox One S All-Digital $149.99 | Save $100 | See at Best Buy
  • Xbox One consoles | save up to $150 | See at Microsoft
  • Xbox One controllers | save $20 | See at Microsoft 
  • Xbox One X 1TB $349.99 | Save $150 | See at Walmart
  • Xbox One X 1TB $349.99 (Star Wars Jedi: Fallen) | Save $150 | See at Amazon

Best Black Friday TV deals

Best Black Friday accessories deals

Best Black Friday resources

Don’t forget to check all these resources to track down the best deals during Black Friday week.

Here’s a list with all Black Friday 2019 dates information and store hours (and online times).

eBay is also offering Black Friday deals from computers to phones to kitchen appliances and more.

Best Black Friday tips

  • Retailers are always sneaky and use Black Friday to clear worthless inventory, so make sure to research the product ahead of time to ensure it’s a good deal. 
  • Check prices online before you buy anything, chances are it’s already discounted on Amazon.
  • Ask return policies on Black Friday deals at the store.
  • Keep Black Friday shopping online, as it is safer and quicker.
  • Avoid buying computers that justify the price by bundling software, accessories, and in-store support.
  • Buying a monitor don’t get anything larger of 27-inch with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, as it won’t look good, it’ll look pixelated.
  • Buying a laptop, tablet, or desktop, pick the one with the highest resolution possible (1080p or 4k).
  • Be prepared and focus only on the product you planned to purchase if planning to shop at a physical store.
  • Keep with you an ad magazine at all times to avoid grabbing the wrong product.
  • Cables and specific accessories are always cheaper online.
  • Look out for those asterisks on the ads (*), which often give you important information about the product.

Amazon usually doesn’t list Black Friday deals ahead of time, and you have to visit the Black Friday hub to find and claim the offer.

Keep in mind that Black Friday deals are available for limited time and very small quantities, as such make sure to grab the deal you want as soon as possible.

This guide makes the best effort to highlight the best 2019 Black Friday deals, but make sure to check the item you want as soon as possible, as some items may go on sale even before Thanksgiving (11/28).

Editor note: This guide will continue to recieve updates throughout the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale event as deals are found.