Black Friday 2015 best deals: Microsoft Store, Amazon, BestBuy

Here are the best Black Friday 2015 deals for all your tech needs from the Microsoft Store, Best Buy, Amazon, and more.

Black Friday 2015 deals

Thanksgiving is fast approaching in the United States and one more time, we’re also getting closer to the biggest shopping days of the year — Black Friday and Cyber Monday –. In 2015, Thanksgiving falls on Thursday, November 26th, which means that Black Friday is on November 27th, and Cyber Monday is on November 30th.

As tradition, in these two days a number of major retailers online and in-store will be offering their best deals and discounts for limited time (and limited quantity), which makes it the perfect time to score that big flat screen TV that you’ve been wanting for the lowest price. If a big TV is not your thing, perhaps you’re ready to upgrade your computer, get a new tablet, or finally get into Xbox One. For whatever the reason you might be able to get best deal on Black Friday. That’s, of course, if you shop carefully.

On an effort to make your shopping spree a little easier, I have compiled this list with great Black Friday deals for 2015 for all your tech needs, from big screen TVs, to laptops and tablets, mobile phones, and more interesting deals.

Best Black Friday Xbox and PS4 deals

If you’re in the market for a new video game console Microsoft and Sony have great deals.

Microsoft has announced that some Xbox One bundles will be on sale for limited time at $299 from November 26th through Monday, November 30th. Customers will be saving $50 on any of the 12 Xbox One holiday bundles.

The company is also discounting 40 to 60 percent on over 150 digital games, and Gold members are getting an extra 10 percent off, some of the games include Forza Motorsport 6, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, FIFA 16 and Grand Theft Auto V, and many more.

Check my previous article for more information on Xbox One deals for Black Friday 2015.

On the other hand, Sony didn’t announce Black Friday deals for its PlayStation 4, but the company has recently dropped the price of its console to $349.99, which makes it very competitive. However, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and other retailers are offering PlayStation 4 bundles with Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection for $299. If you’re a Star Wars fan, Best Buy and GameStop are offering Star Wars Battlefront PlayStation 4 bundles for $349.

Best Black Friday tablet deals

If a new tablet is what you’re looking for, you might be able to get some great deals.

Best Black Friday laptop deals

Best Black Friday desktop deals

Best Black Friday smartphone deals

  • Samsung Galaxy S6, $250 gift card | Buy it from Best Buy 
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 32GB, $200 off | Buy it from Best Buy 
  • iPhone 6S, $200 gift card | Buy it from Best Buy 
  • Samsung Galaxy S6, save up to $150, $100 Black Friday gift card | Buy it from Walmart 
  • iPhone 6S, save up to $100, $100 Black Friday gift card | Buy it from Walmart 

Best Black Friday TV deals

Best Black Friday accessories deals

Best Black Friday 2015 deal resources

Best Black Friday tips

  • Whenever possible keep your Black Friday shopping spree online, as it is safer and quicker
  • Avoid buying computers that justify the price by bundling software, accessories, and in-store support
  • If you’re planning to purchase a tablet, laptop, or desktop, pick the one with the highest resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels or better)
  • If you’re buying a monitor don’t buy anything larger of 23-inch with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, as it will not look good, it will look pixelated
  • If you will be making the trip to the mall, when you get in line, ask the staff where to find the items you’re interested in, it will save you time
  • Don’t just buy everything, because you think you’ll be betting a good deal regardless, just focus on the items you planned to purchase
  • Carry with you an ad magazine at all times to avoid grabbing the wrong item
  • Ask for return policies on Black Friday deals
  • Cables and specific accessories are always cheaper online
  • Look out for those asterisks on the ads (*), which often give you important information about the item
  • Sometimes deals come from brands you never heard of, which means that you don’t know for sure if they are good or not. Keep it simple, buy from the brands you know
  • Retailers can be sneaky and use Black Friday to clear old inventory, make sure you research the item you want to purchase and make sure you are getting a good deal
  • Check prices online before you buy anything, chances are it’s already discounted

Remember that Black Friday deals are available for limited time and very small quantities, as such make sure to grab the deal you want as soon as possible. In addition, not all the deals are available online and in-store, availability will vary.

Happy Black Friday shopping spree!