Check which peripherals are compatible with Windows RT and Windows 8

Compatibility list for Windows

Windows RT and Windows 8 are upon us and it has come the time to either do a clean install, do an upgrade of the latest operating system from Microsoft, or better yet, purchase a new Surface tablet. OK, that’s great, but… Do you know which peripherals such as printers, mice and keyboards are compatible with either Windows RT or Windows 8? This is not the kind of information you’ll see in a banner ad. To make it a bit easier here is a compiled list from the major vendors, where you can check if your peripheral or the new gadget you are thinking of buying is compatible with latest OS:


Really important! Don’t forget that from now on, you also have to check for these logos, which will tell you if the device or the peripheral is compatible with Windows 8 or Windows RT:
Logo compatibility from Microsoft
For more information about the Windows compatible logos, visit this Microsoft page.