Classic Retweet: Quickly quote Tweets in the web version of Twitter

Twitter win 8 app

If you use Twitter in your web browser on your computer, for example, in Google Chrome, you’ll notice that you don’t have an option to quote a tweet and Retweet — you have to manually craft your quote by copying, pasting, and adding the RT –, something that can be easily done using a Twitter app in your phone, tablet and even from a Windows 8 app like in the case of MetroTwit, which crashes a lot, but that is a totally different story.

So searching around the Chrome Web Store I came across a Classic Retweet, an extension that adds an extra link called “Classic RT” to Tweets in your timeline. It is really easy to use and if you are a heavy Twitter user, I think you’ll be happy just saving those extra seconds that throughout the month, it could pile up to be a few hours that you can use to do other interesting things.

You can quote a tweet in the web browser version of Twitter

Note: Classic Retweet is also available for Firefox, visit this page for information.