Clutter for Office 365 uses machine learning to keep your inbox organized (video)

There is too much work, too much data and so little time, and you spend a lot of that little time trying to prioritize work. In a new effort to make you more productive, Microsoft is announcing the new “Clutter” feature for Office 365 that keeps your inbox organized.

Clutter is powered by Office Graph, which uses machine learning technology to understand your behaviors on what’s you consider important and what you often ignore. Then it put all those messages that aren’t important in the “Clutter” folder for later viewing.

Over time Clutter will learn from your actions from similar messages, how you address the message, and understanding the type of content you’re getting. This means that Clutter will work differently for each user, because it adapts to your actions and preferences, and all without you having to do anything.

How to enable Clutter for Office 365

Clutter is disabled by default on every inbox. You’re responsible to turn the feature on or off. To enable Clutter simply go to your Outlook Web App (OWA) options menu and control the new feature on or off.

Clutter for Office 365 is being rolled out to business customers today with the hope to remove the “distractions so you can focus on what matters most.” Not everyone will get the feature at once, so it may take a while until you the new feature.

Microsoft hasn’t said anything if Clutter will be part of for free account. Though, I hardly doubt that will be the case as Microsoft needs to add more value for paying customers.

Source Microsoft