Cortana to push text, system & app notifications to other devices on Windows 10 ‘Redstone’

Windows 10 "Redstone" to bring new push notification functionality on Cortana to send you text, system, and app notifications to other devices, in addition to missed calls.

Cortana is constantly improving, and on Windows 10 “Redstone”, Microsoft is working to bring new functionality to allow the digital assistant push notifications to other devices you own.

According to a new report from WinBeta, Microsoft is currently updating Cortana to alert you when the battery is low on your device, you miss a phone call, a text you receive, and app notifications.

The current version of Windows 10 already allows to push notifications for missed calls, but on Redstone, the software giant will be expanding this functionality to allow system and app notifications to flow through other devices in the same fashion as the missed call alerts.

The feature already appears on internal builds of Windows 10 as you can see in the screenshot below, and it’s called “Send phone notifications” with a description that reads: “Let Cortana tell you on your other devices when your battery is low and when you miss a phone call, text, or app notification”. The new option is located on Cortana > Settings, and you can easily enable or disable the feature as needed.

Cortana  Send Phone Notification on Windows 10 Redstone

As you probably noticed the screenshot above is from Windows 10 Mobile, but the feature will also be available on the PC version of the operating system. This is part of a number of changes happening with “continuum”, which aims to bring devices closer together allowing a seamless app experience between devices.

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Source WinBeta