Cortana gets ‘Showtimes + Trailers’ and ‘Pick the Winners’ entertainment features

Cortana Windows phone 8.1

Microsoft has been proactively adding features to Cortana and today the digital assistant is getting two new entertainment features for those users running Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 preview for phones.

The first feature added to Cortana is “Showtimes + Trailers”, as the name implies, the feature allows Cortana to highlight local showtimes and trailers for new movies you might be interested in.

The second feature is “Pick the Winners” and that the time of the writing the feature still a mystery as it doesn’t do anything, but the software giant describes the new category as “Predict who you think will take the top prizes.”

Cortana Interests - Showtimes + Trailers and Pick the Winner

The two new features have an enable and disable toggle, and they easily accessible by going into Settings / Interests, under “movies” and “entertainment”. Keep in mind that the new features will only work on supported locations.

Source WindowsCentral