Cortana arrives in Spain, Italy, Germany, and France

Cortana Europe

Microsoft enables its digital assistant, Cortana, in four more countries. Today users running the developer preview version of Windows Phone in Spain, Italy, Germany, and France can start testing a pre-release version of Cortana, similar to the version already available in China and the UK.

Cortana in these new countries arrives today on the latest update Microsoft is rolling out to the Windows Phone Developer Preview program.

The version of the digital assistant releasing in this update is an “alpha” version, which basically means that Cortana includes almost all the features found in the beta version, but some of the features still missing or are coming soon.

This is how Cortana sounds talking in Spanish:

For example, transit data is only limited to big cities and there is not flight tracking at this point. However, Microsoft is including Europe soccer datasets and various local “chit chat” jokes.

Also remember that Microsoft has updated Cortana with a few festive chit chat responses. So now you can ask her:

  • Do you like Christmas?
  • Happy Christmas!
  • Tell me a Christmas Cracker Joke
  • Do you want anything from Santa?
  • On the first day of Christmas
  • Humbug!
  • Do you want anything from Santa?
  • Happy Hanukkah
  • Happy Kwanzaa
  • Happy holidays

Source Microsoft