Cortana for Windows 10 slowly arrives to the consumer preview builds

Microsoft's Cortana character from Halo

While Microsoft is planning to release a consumer preview version of Windows 10 by the end of January 2015, upcoming features are starting to emerge. This is the case of Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant. According to a new report from Neowin, a genuine leaked screenshot of a Windows 10 Consumer Preview shows Cortana in the taskbar replacing the search button.

We’ve seen a lot of assets for this feature in previous builds, but up until now there was no way for users to enable Cortana in Windows 10. But it seems that in the pre-consumer oriented version of the operating system, the company is letting selected groups to test the feature.

The screenshot looks questionable, but it’s indeed a real image of Cortana in the taskbar next to the Task View button, in Windows 10.

Cortana button taskbar Windows 10

At this point there isn’t a lot of information about Cortana for Windows 10, we can only assume that it will work exactly the same as the version in Windows Phone as Microsoft plans to use the same technology to power both platforms and the experience has to be kept the same.

By any means you should expect Cortana to arrive in the first Windows 10 Consumer Preview, from here until Microsoft officially introduce the new feature, it could disappear from the build and re-introduce again a countless number of times.

Source Neowin