Customize new Google Bar: Change the order in which items appear [Chrome Extension]

New Google Bar Customize

In a previous article we talked about how Google is replacing the old back bar with a new pop-up menu that it is more useful. By default the items that appear in this order: +You, Search, Images, Maps, YouTube, News, Gmail, Documents, and more. The problem with the new Google Bar is that items are not orderly personalized and this could cause users to take extra steps to do what they want to do or go where they want to go. 

Before I continue, do you already have the new Google Bar showing up in your web browser, if not here is the How-To that is going to do the trick to ditch the old black bar.

Now, there is a workaround for this situation and this is by using a Google Chrome extension (free, of course) called Big G Drop Down Sorter.

1. To customize new Google Bar items, you first need to install the Google Chrome extension mentioned above. Then refresh

2. Now the extension should be activated and ready to use. Click the More button to see all the menu items. To move things around the way you want, just click and hold an item and drag it to the position you want. Do the same with any other item, and that’s about it.

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