Tech Roundup: Downgrade Windows 8, Adobe Reader app, StartW8 and more

Tech Roundup of the week

This week on Pureinfotech: Adobe Reader made it to the Windows Store bringing their well-known PDF capabilities to Windows 8/RT chromeless experience.

Changes aren’t always good for everybody and that also includes changes in software you use everyday, so if you still not ready for Windows 8, this week I walked you through the steps to downgrade from Windows 8 to 7 free in your brand new PC.

Earlier I showed Ex7ForW8, a really nifty utility that brings back the original Windows 7 Start button and menu to Windows 8. But similar utilities keeps popping up, that’s the case of StartW8. This is free utility that also adds a new Start button and menu to the newest Microsoft’s OS, however it doesn’t disable the Modern UI and you can keep still using your Windows Store apps. 

Use Facebook everyday? Did you try the new “Facebook” app for Windows 8? It looks like the real-deal, but it isn’t from the social network giant — This is something worth checking out.

For this week Windows 8 app picks, we also reviewed NORAD Tracks Santa, which is a great and fun app for all ages to countdown to Christmas and track Santa Claus in Christmas Eve. If you are one of millions of people still using Yahoo Mail, you’ll be happy to know that the company just released its new Windows Store app — read the review with all you need to know. And we also looked at the Next at Microsoft app for Windows 8, a great app if you like to read the latest stories about the company.

Finally, Microsoft pushes its monthly series of updates for Windows, a.k.a Patch Tuesday, which brings various bug fixes and regular enchantments, specially for Surface with Windows RT Wi-Fi issues. Plus the software giant is introducing SkyDrive Xbox app to enable users stream videos, photos and other files from the Cloud to the big screen. All this and more…

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