How to download OS X Yosemite for free from Apple

Apple OS X Yosemite on Surface Pro 3

Like Microsoft does with pre-releases versions of Windows, Apple is also allowing customers to take part of the beta program for OS X Yosemite, its new operating system. Starting today, July 24, anyone, even with a Windows PC, can register and download OS X Yosemite preview from Apple for free.

Getting the preview is quite simple, just sing up with your Apple ID in the OS X Beta Program website. Once logged in, you’ll see the instructions to on downloading and installing the software. Like Windows 8, Mac users need to download an installer assistant, only compatible with Mac computers, of course, that will download the necessary bits to upgrade.

Important: As prerequisite, your Mac needs OS X Maverick 10.9 or higher, 2GB or more of memory, and at least 8GB of free storage.

As this is a beta software, it’s not recommended you install Yosemite in your primary machine, you can test the software on a spare machine or in a virtual machine.

With OS X Yosemite version 10.10 testers will notice a big visual redesign, Apple has touch pretty much every aspect of its operating system. Users will get a more flat design that comes from iOS 7, new icons, and the new translucent user-interface that allows to view if there are things in the back.

There are not just new visuals, new features are present too such as making phone calls, new Spotlight enhancements, Notification Center with customizable widgets, full screen apps, new Safari, new iTunes,  and a lot more.

Source Apple