DownThemAll! 2.0 download manager, now with support for Firefox 4

Firefox is not just well-known for being a great web browser, but also for the thousands of extensions that you can find and install for free like the one we are sharing today. DownThemAll!  is a very popular download manager extension and with the released of version 2 now there is support for Firefox 4 that hopefully soon will be released.

In this new version of DownThemAll! you can find great new features like speed limit, which allows you to control the speed on a per-server or download basis, and also global speed limit can be set; private browsing support, mirror management that allows your downloads to increase their speed by splitting the files; better platform/OS integration, and of course support for Firefox 4 with no tweaking require. Additionally there is a media grabber, a feature that allows you to download embedded videos on websites; moreover HTML5 audio and video tags are supported.

Definitely DownThemAll! is an extension that it is worth to check it out, either with Firefox 4 or other versions of Firefox.

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Source DownThemAll! via Downloadsquad