Dramatic Skies 2 theme for Windows

Dramatic Skies 2 theme for Windows (download)

This is for sure the kind of drama you can’t get enough of! Pictures upon pictures of the most dramatic skies that you would admire every day. Now you have that chance with the download of 21 spectacular images, each with an incredible sunset that will paint the clouds in a very unique way. This collection is free for Windows.

You don’t want to miss the details captured by a community of photographers with their cameras, they collaborated to make of your desktop backgrounds something enjoyable. Thus they photographed a Ferris wheel to put a smile on your face, the Eiffel Tower, the dusky orange natural light over the island, the rays of the sun filtering through the woods, and much more.

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Info: This theme is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7.

Sky wallpapers