Dropbox referrals now doubles the free space per user – up to 1GB

Dropbox free space

Are you a Dropbox user? Are you taking advantage of Dropbox referrals? If you are, this is going to get you excited, the storage Cloud service is now doubling the amount of free space up to 1GB every time you make someone use Dropbox.

This doubles the previous amount of referral free additional space that was 500MB per referral. If you have already invited a friend don’t worry, you’ll soon see the complete amount of space pretty soon.

What is great about this offer is that for free, users which get 2GB of Cloud storage, and premium users, they both can refer up to 32 people, but free users will get 500MB per referral and premium users will get 1GB per each referral for a total of 16GB and 32GB respectably. And don’t forget that your friends will also get the additional free space.

If you are maxing out your storage cap it is a good time to start getting some friends to join Dropbox.

Source The Dropbox Blog