Windows 8 early Startscreen and Lockscreen artwork concepts unveiled

Locksreen early design

Previously we’ve seen a video of an early Windows 8 user interface mockups, but today Marius Bauer, a skilled designer who joined the Microsoft Design team and the creator of the Startscreen and Locksreen backgrounds for Microsoft’s latest version of Windows is unveiling early concepts of those images.

In Bauer’s personal website, he is showing off a series of early designs and how the styles progressed into what today is seen by millions of people, who for the first time are booting up that Windows 8 PC. A concept inspired by the beautiful nature and iconic architecture of Seattle and the Microsoft campus — Marius describes.

Many people will agree that these are really beautiful art designs, which sadly didn’t make it to the final shipped design. However Marius’ work is part of what you see today in Windows 8.

If you are looking to download these backgrounds, well… you are out of luck, these relative small screenshots are the only thing you are going to get — for obvious copyright reasons. 

Source Marius Bauer via I Started Something