Facebook app for Windows 8.1 gets new features in the latest update

Facebook app for Windows 8.1 update

Since the official Facebook app first arrived to Windows 8.1 has become the most popular free app in the Windows Store, and the social network giant has released new updates periodically, sometimes to improve performance and other times to add new functionalities. Today users will notice yet another, but significant, update for the Facebook Windows 8.1 app.

The Windows Store doesn’t keep a good record of update changes, but for this particular update the log shows that the Facebook app now adds support tagging, users can also upload and download files and photos from Facebook messages, and a variety of new functionality such as: set your cover photo and profile picture from the app, and you can now use your profile picture as your Windows account picture.

Also the new update improves the app Live Tiles and adds a secondary tile that allows users to go directly to messages. Finally, the update wasn’t complete without bug fixes, in this update the social network is fixing many bugs under the hood of the app.

If you’re using the Windows Store default settings the app will update automatically. If not, you can easily launch the Store and click or tap in the notification to install the latest version.

Source Windows Store