Facebook Save and Share extensions arrive to Chrome

Facebook adds more ways for you to engage with the social network by bringing the "Save to Facebook" and "Share" extensions to Chrome.

Save to Facebook Chrome extension

If your Facebook News Feed doesn’t have enough interesting stories, you can now bring your favorite web articles to the social network with the “Save to Facebook” and “Share” extensions for Google Chrome.

The Save extension is a button that appears next to the address bar on Chrome. A single click is all you need to save those long articles for later viewing. Or when you see something interesting on the web, you can save the article as a bookmark.

Once you save an article, it will automatically sync to all your devices through the Facebook app. On the web, you can browse to https://www.facebook.com/saved to see all your saved items.

Saved on Facebook is kind of smart too, as you save new links, they will be sorted out into their respective categories (e.g., links, videos, photos, etc.). When using the extension, every time you save a new link, you’ll also see the most recent saved items list to jump immediately into a recent link.

Save to Facebook works similar to Instapaper and Pocket, which are services that allow you to save articles and videos for later viewing. Although, these apps have been around a lot longer, they are smaller compared to Facebook audience reach, but depending on the scenario, they can be even more useful with features such as offline viewing — just as one example.

While the Facebook share button is vastly use on most websites, the social network company thinks that it’s also convenient to have your own dedicated Share button on your browser. The Share extensions is very simple, when you click the button, you can easily share the link in your Facebook News Feed.