A Facebook Windows 8 app hits the Windows Store, but not from the social giant

FB for Win 8

Despite the many users disappointment and Facebook not wanting to create its own Windows 8 app, today is different. A Facebook app made its appearance in the Windows Store with the actual logo and name, but is not an official app from the networking site. Instead it is a Windows 8 app created by a software publisher named Peral Apps LLC, that, to avoid confusion noted: “This is not the official Facebook App. We are not affiliated with Facebook in any way.”

At first glance, the app looks like the real-deal, the name “Facebook”, the now iconic logo, the colors and everything else matches the social network service, but with a touch of Modern UI. What impresses me is that the app isn’t bad, it’s actually pretty decent. Once installed the “Facebook Windows 8 app” allows users view their News Feed, read posts and comment on them. Check out the list of features below: 


  • News Feed
  • Browse individual posts
  • Comments on posts
  • Like posts and comments
  • Photo Albums
  • Status updates
  • Picture upload
  • Notifications
  • Friend request list
  • Message list

The unofficial Facebook app even has a future roadmap. “Share target, multiple picture/album uploads, Event/Chat/Messages/Search in Modern UI style, sharing a post, deleting  your posts, live tiles & lock notifications, Pages, Groups, tagging friends, and managing friend lists.”


Although, the developer published a disclaimer, it still questionable how Peral Apps LLC was able to pass the Windows Store certification process with a trademarked name and logo. So if you want to give this app a try, now is the time, because who knows if the app will be here tomorrow.


  • Category: Social
  • Languages: English (USA) and many more
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • Permission: This app can access the Internet
  • Price: Free
  • Publisher: Pearl Apps LLC
  • Download: Get it from the Windows Store

Supported architectures

  • x86/x64 (Windows 8)
  • ARM (Windows RT)

Source Windows Store via Neowin