Family Safety in Windows 8 will help parents monitor their children online – Weekly reports included!

Family Safety Windows 8 report

In a new article published at the Building Windows 8 blog, Microsoft details the new Family Safety feature that will come included in Windows 8. This new feature will help parents to easily monitor what their children are doing in the computer and on online more effectively. According to the company, this safety feature will be as easy as knowing how to create a new Windows account. “No additional downloads, installation wizards, or configuration steps are required. Just check the box!”

Microsoft explains that over the time there were many applications for children’s safety, but all them were some how difficult to configure, use and they’re only focus in web filtering. Family Safety in Windows 8 is different, because it focuses in a “monitor first” approach, this means that when parents create a Windows account for the child, they will start receiving weekly email reports with the kid’s computer activities: Web pages they visited, games they played, what search terms they looked up, and much more. Knowing their activities the software makers believes that will give parents a chance to teach them the importance of online safety, and of course, set restrictions when required.

For example, when a parent is reviewing a report, they can easily set restrictions for the child that may be spending too much time playing video games. Settings can be easily configured online ( and new restrictions will be synced to whatever PC the kid may be using.

Now parent will feel a little bit better knowing that with Windows 8 they will be able to track what their children are doing in the computer and on the web, “no matter where they use their PC”. This feature is expected with the release of Windows 8 Release Preview (a.k.a Release Candidate), in the first week of June.