Microsoft offers free 12 months of Skype group calls and screen sharing without ads

Skype Collaboration Project offer

This is a good deal, Microsoft just started a new promotional offer under the name “Skype Collaboration Project”, which basically let Skypers place free group calls, group screen sharing, live support, everything for free without advertising. Usually all these features are part of paid accounts, however Microsoft is letting users get them for 12 months without paying a dime.

To get your voucher code, simply visit the Skype offer page (use source link), enter your email address, and a code will eventually arrive in your inbox. Then just follow the instructions from the email to redeem the code. Also note that your Skype account will be rewarded with a $107.88 credit, which at the moment it’s not clear how you can use it, may be you can use the free credit for landline calls or other features.

So, if you’re an Skype user, 12 month of free group calls, free group screen sharing, with no advertising, no matter the way you look at it, is a great deal.

Source Skype via Neowin