Google Glass video tutorial

Google Glass first official How-To Getting Started video released

There is not denial that Google Glass is perhaps one of the most futuristic, exciting, and fun piece of hardware we’ve seen for some time. Currently the device is available only for early bird adopters and some people who participated in the Google+ and Twitter contest. And although Glass is at least a year away from public availability, it is not stopping Google to start publishing how-to videos to get people ready for the device.

“Glass How-To: Getting Started”, is the first video tutorial that the search giant is releasing in YouTube (where else?) to educate people about Google Glass, and it walks users through a series of touch gestures to control the device with one finger.

The short YouTube clip shows how to adjust the lens on Glass, how to use the touchpad with gestures to navigate your timeline, read information, check messages, and put Glass in standby. Of course, this isn’t your one video to get to know everything about the device, but it goes through a few scenarios to get you started.

Source YouTube via The Verge