Google is introducing the “Like” button, sorry I meant the +1 button

It seems that Google refuses to give up and is trying to push once again its way into the social space, by introducing a new feature called “+1” that it will basically have the same functionality as the Facebook “Like” button does (share recommended content with other people). And yes, even though Facebook has been doing this for sometime now, they do have the advantage of early start, but it would not be hard to think that the Google +1 button could quickly gain popularity, knowing that it is going to be integrated on the search results of the world’s most used search engine, giving them plenty exposure to buildup influence.

The service isn’t really active yet, but if you cannot wait starting today Wednesday, you can  participate in the +1 button experiment from Google Labs and soon after you join, you will start seeing the new “plus one” button in the Google search result next to the links.

This is how the +1 button will appear in the search result:

Google - +1 Button in search result

And this is how the +1 will appear after you pressed it. Notice that you also will have the options to undo the action right away:

Google - +1 Button after pressing

The idea is, when you +1 something, you are publicly giving your stamp of approval (according to Google). In other words once you +1 something your Google profile — which is required to use this new feature and also the place where you can see all the links that +1 — is attached or associated to the link for search results, ads, and all across the Web.

This YouTube video below explains the +1 button concept in more detail:

As always with anything new, Google is slowly pushing this new feature out and is starting with the English version, and in the coming weeks the Google +1 button will start appearing in other languages and other Google products. The company is also planning on having available a +1 button that publishers can take advantage of and let readers +1 content without the need of leaving the Web page — sounds familiar? –.

Source The Official Google Blog

Mar. 31, 2011 Update

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Apr. 1, 2011 Update

If you are interesting in the new Plus One button, Google has launched a page where you can sign up to get a Google +1 button your Website!

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