Google Meet free for 2020 (source: Google)
From paid to free

Google Meet video calling now free for every Google user

Google is making its Meet premium video conferencing free until September 30 due to the high demand of video calling apps.

In light of the recent increase of video calling demand due to the high number of people working from home and contacting family and friends, Google is announcing that is making its Google Meet video conferencing platform free to anyone with a Google account.

In the past, Google Meet was only available for customers (such as enterprise and education) using the G Suite services, but now, since the sudden increase of popularity of other services like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, the company has decided to make it free to everyone.

However, there’s a caveat. Although you can now use Google Meet to video chat with up 100 participants without any limits, the company warns that after September 30, there’s may be a limit of 60 minutes for calls.

Also, the service isn’t available immediately, as the company says that Google Meet as free service will start rolling out in the coming days. You can sign up using this page to a notification when the video calling service becomes free.

Although Google Meet hasn’t been free in the past, the company reveals is adding roughly 3 million new users every day, and now the service peak daily usage grow by 30x.