Google Reader has gained a new clean look and integration with Google+

Google Reader New Designed 2011

Continuing with the path of other Google products, Google Reader also has gained a new clean look, adding more space and taking all the clutter out of the way, making it easier to use and navigate through your subscription feeds. The search giant also included integration with its social network Google+, allowing you to +1 items and share what you are interested in with your circles.

If you use other Google Products such as Google DocsGmail or Google Calendar, you will find the new user interface of Google Reader very familiar. Now you have more space to move around, it looks and feels clean, and the company has also replaced “Like” with “+1” which allows you to share the story with your circles on Google+. This new option replaces the “Share” and “Share with Note”. Visit Google Reader and log-in to see all the new changes and redesign.

So Google has already rolled out Google Reader; if you haven’t tried it yet, you should, but if you did, what do you think of the usability and new look? 

Source The Official Good Reader Blog