Google’s new security dashboard reports devices accessing your account

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We know that hackers will never stop trying to get into your email and bank accounts. However today we have sophisticated tools and enough knowledge that reduces the chances of your information being compromise. Moreover, Google is releasing a new tool called Devices and Activity Dashboard to step-up security. The search giant announced a new tool that will help users to check when, where and how your account was accessed in the past 28 days.

“Devices and Activity Dashboard” (not to be confused with “Google Dashboard”) lists all the devices connected to a particular Google account. From the Dashboard, you can view when, where and how your account has been accessed over the past month.

In case a new device starts getting access to your account, it’ll be labeled “NEW”, and the device you’re currently using will be listed at the top with the “CURRENT DEVICE” label.

Devices and Security Dashboard for Google accounts

If you notice any suspicious activity, such as another kind of computer accessing your account, you can click the “Secure your account” link to change your password, change or update recovery information, check account permissions, and even setup your two-step verification feature.

Although Google has previously included many security layers to its accounts, there are never enough layers of security. But the new Devices and Activity Dashboard will certainly help to improve security and it’ll allow users to take actions faster.

Remember that on Gmail, you can always see at the bottom of the page “Last account activity”, which allows you to view when and where your account was last accessed.

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