Google Stadia release date, speed requirements, pricing

Google's new game streaming service, Stadia, will launch in November of 2019. It'll cost for $9.99 for the Pro plan, and there's a Founder's Edition controller that you can preorder now.

Google Stadia controller November 2019

Google is finally revealing details about Stadia, the company’s new subscription-based game streaming service that will allow anyone to play games on any device, and it’ll compete with Microsoft xCloud and Sony PlayStation Network.

Among the details about Google Stadia, the company revealed when the service will be available, pricing, hardware and internet requirements, as well as the launch partnership.

Google Stadia release date

Google Stadia will launch sometime in November 2019 in 14 countries, including Belgium, Finland, Canada, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Spain, France, Sweden, Germany, the UK, Ireland, and the United States. The company plans to expand the service to more countries in 2020 and onwards. 

However, initially, the service will be available for the Stadia Pro plan, the Stadia Base plan won’t launch until 2020.

Google Stadia subscription tiers and pricing

The new cloud-gaming platform will include two different subscription plans.

The Stadia Base plan is the entry-level subscription that will allow anyone to play any game they purchase through the service. However, using this plan, your gaming experience will be limited to a 1080p resolution with stereo sound, and you’ll need a 10Mb/s download internet connection. (Game pricing is yet to be revealed.)

The Stadia Pro will cost $9.99 per month, and it’ll offer free games, but you won’t have access to every game, as you’ll need to pay extra for most titles. However, the service will offer discounts for a lot of the supported games.

Using Pro tier, you’ll be able to stream games up to 4K resolution at 60fps with HDR quality, but you’ll need a download internet connection of 35Mb/s, and you will get 5.1 surround sound, instead of stereo.

Google Stadia internet requirements

As for internet requirements, Google Stadia will require a minimum of 35Mb/s download internet connection to achieve up to 4K streaming at 60fps with HDR quality and 5.1 surround.

Google Stadia internet requirements
Google Stadia internet requirements

A 20Mb/s download internet connection will be required for up to 1080p streaming at 60fps with 5.1 surround.

Stadia will also be available in 720p resolution at 60fps with stereo sound, and the internet requirement will be between 5 to 10Mb/s.

Google Stadia hardware support

Google will offer a Stadia Founder’s Edition kit that you can preorder for $129.99, which includes early access to streaming service, a Chromecast Ultra device, and a limited-edition controller. Also, you’ll get a 3-month subscription for Stadia Pro, Bungie’s Destiny 2 experience, early access to pick a username, as well as three passes for friends to try the service.

Initially, Google Stadia will work on laptops, desktops, and on TV using a Chromecast Ultra stick. The service will also work on tablets and Google Pixel 3 phones.

Google Stadia Founder's Edition
Google Stadia Founder’s Edition

You won’t need a Stadia controller to play games through the Chrome browser, but you’ll need a controller if you’ll be playing using a Chromecast Ultra on your television.

The Stadia controller is unique because it connects to Google data centers directly using Wi-Fi, which in theory should help to reduce latency issues.

If you’ll be playing games on your computer, you can use other controllers, such as the Xbox Wireless Controller (using a USB adapter) or keyboard and mouse. However, you can always buy a Stadia controller for $69.

Google Stadia controllers
Google Stadia controllers

Google Stadia supported games

Google has partnered with a number of indies and high-profile publishers to bring games to the Stadia platform, and while you won’t find every triple-a title, you’ll initially find games like:

  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.
  • Baldur’s Gate.
  • Borderlands 3.
  • Doom Eternal.
  • Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.
  • Gylt.
  • Get Packed.
  • Mortal Kombat 11.
  • Just Dance.
  • Tom Clancy’s The Division 2.
  • Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

And more games will become available once the platform goes live.

It’s unclear if the service will be a destination for exclusive titles, but the company has said that there will be first-party games.