Google unifies Gmail, Drive and Google+ Photos into a single 15GB storage pool

Google unifies Gmail, Drive and Google+ Photo storage

In an effort to stop users from worrying in which service they should save their files, Google just decided that having a separate storage for each of its services isn’t working anymore.

So starting now the search engine giant is combining the 10GB space storage from Gmail and with the 5GB of Drive and Google+ Photos into a single storage pool, for a total of 15GB that will be shared among all the services. Now everything will be saved into Google Drive regardless of the type of file.

Also Google is revamping its Drive storage page to reflect the new changes and to provide users with useful information about on what service is using the most storage with a pie chart.

Google Drive storage page

Now is you are pushing closer to the 15GB limit, you can always upgrade the storage capacity; plans starts at $4.99/month for 100GB and $9.99/month for 200GB — which if you think about, it’s a better deal than Dropbox that offers the same capacities but twice as much.

Source Google