Tech Recap: Facebook Graph Search, Windows 8 prices increasing and more

Facebook Graph Search Mark Zuckerberg

Welcome to Pureinfotech: The Recap edition. Each weekend I will bring you a compilation of articles of the week, including how-to guides, features, tech news, and more. This is simply a list with a brief description of pieces you may have missed or you might just want to read again.

  • Windows 8 upgrade prices are officially going up on February 1st: Microsoft announced this week that all its line of Windows 8 products are going back to its original prices. This means that the $39.99 upgrade that you pay today, it will cost you about $200 on Feb. 1st, and other products are going up in price as well.  
  • How to map SkyDrive folder in Windows 8/RT [Step-by-Step]: If you have a Surface RT or any other Windows RT device, now you can get access and upload documents from the File Explorer, something that was only possible with the SkyDrive app in Windows 8.
  • Facebook Graph Search unveiled, it might just be the future of search: Facebook enters to the search business. The social network giant wants to transform the entire experience in which we look for stuff, and Graph Search will give users a new unique experience when searching people, photos, places and other content. Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, describes is “not  web search”.

What you might have missed:

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