Hover, the Windows 95 game, now reimagined for the modern web

Hover Windows 95 game for the modern web

Microsoft just resurrected the classic “Hover” game bundled with the Windows 95 installation media. For those old enough, if you remember this was a first person bumper cars and capture the flag combination game, and now the software giant has adapted it for Internet Explorer 11, but of course it works pretty much on any modern web browser.

Hover is free to play by logging-in to Hover.ie, then simply choose your car and click play. Microsoft has specially designed the game for touch-enabled devices like tablets and with new graphics. For those who liked the original version, they can go to the site and before doing anything type Bambi on the screen, and the old retro version of game will appear as if you were using Windows 95.

Hover game screenshot

The company also noted that “Hover is a collaborative project that came to us by way of an independent developer named Dan Church. Dan grew up playing Hover and loved it so much that he asked us if he could update the game. His enthusiasm was contagious and we became excited by the idea of partnering with Dan and our friends at Pixel Labs to bring a reimagined Hover to the modern web.”

With the game, Microsoft has also released a comical video in YouTube showcasing “Hover” on a Windows 8 tablet, which looks like a Surface Pro.

Source Exploring IE