How to get the new Google Bar right now and ditch the black strip [Trick]

How to get the new Google Bar right now

As you might have heard by now the search giant is dropping the black strip bar that runs across all Google products for a more useful and intrusive pop-up menu, that will open on roll over that will enable you to get access to all Google products and services — to learn more check out New Google Bar? That’s right and say goodbye to the black strip.

The benefit is that you won’t have to stare to the black bar anymore, you’ll have more space when using Google products and services, and it is also more simplified.

The thing is that this new Google Bar has not been roll out to everyone yet, but you don’t have to wait, here is a little workaround, a trick if you will, that it’ll get you the new Google Bar right now:

Enabling the new Google Bar right now

1. The first thing you have to do is to visit the Chrome Web Store and install the extension called Edit This Cookie.

2. Visit and from the top-right corner, where most of your Google Chrome extensions icon are displayed, click on Edit This Cookie.

3. In the PREF| value change the value to:


Don’t forget to click Submit Cookie Changes.

4. Next, in the NID | change the value to:


And again don’t forget to click Submit Cookie Changes.

5. Lastly, refresh and now you should be seeing the new Google Bar. Enjoy and share!

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