HP Deskjet 3755 is the world’s smallest all-in-one printer

Take back workspace with the new HP Deskjet 3755, an all-in-one inkjet that can print, copy, and scan from any computer or mobile device, thanks to its wireless capability.

HP Deskjet 3755 wireless all-in-one printer

In the new digital world we live in, printers are becoming something that we rarely only use to print occasionally important documents or school projects. For this reason, HP is now rethinking the design of inkjet printers by introducing the HP Deskjet 3755.

The new Deskjet 3755 (J9V90A) is a new all-in-one inkjet that serves as a printer, copier, and scanner on an elegant and clean design that moves away from the traditional clunky office printers, and most importantly it’s so small that can fit virtually anywhere in your office.

The new printer measures only 15.86-inch wide, 6.97-inch deep, and 5.55-inch tall, which makes the smallest all-in-one printer in the world. In fact, it’s smaller than the Epson Expression Home XP-430, which it’s another small all-in-one.

To make it all fit on a small package, on thing HP is doing is to use the concept of portable scanners spooling the paper in, rather than having the usual large piece of glass, which can take a lot of space.

You can connect to printer using a USB cable or using wireless connectivity, thanks to the mobile app, it’s super easy to manage and print vibrant photos from your phone.

Unlike other printers made by HP, the new Deskjet 3755 only uses two ink cartridges, including the traditional black and one tri-color cartridge.

The new all-in-one inkjet printer from HP comes in three colors and it’s available for only $70, which also makes it very affordable.