HP Windows 8 tutorials app makes it easier the transition to the new OS [Metro style app]

HP Metro style app

It appears that because Microsoft is not bundling a set of tutorials to learn the basic tasks in Windows 8, HP has taken it upon itself to release a Metro style app in the Windows Store called “Getting Started for Windows 8”, and it aims to teach users various beginner’s tasks in Win 8 — just to get you started –; best of all anyone can download the app, even if you don’t own an HP computer.

According to HP, the features included are:

  • How to navigate in Win 8
  • The new Metro start screen
  • Finding apps and files
  • Moving between Metro and the standard desktop
  • Metro apps
  • Metro store
  • The new Control Panel and Task Manager
  • Using touch
  • Charms and menus
  • Modifying the Metro start screen and more

Although, you will also find that most, if not all, the current tutorials are for previous versions of the operating system such as Windows 7 and Vista. We can only assume that HP, wanting to be the first to launch an app of this kind, they released a “work in progress” version and soon they will be populating the Win 8 content.

Another thing worth pointing out is that users will not just be able to read, watching videos tutorials are also part of the library together with resource links.

The Windows 8 Metro style app is available right now through the Windows Store, it is available for free and it has support for 23 languages.

If you want to give “Getting Started with Windows 8” a try just launch the Windows Store from the Start screen, type HP and click the search button. Finally click the app, review it and click Install.