Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview ready for Windows 7 users [Download]

Internet Explorer 10 Preview Win 7

Microsoft has just made available for download Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview for Windows 7. This latest preview can be downloaded from the Microsoft website. But here is the thing, IE10 for Windows 7 is in its pre-release stages, which means that anyone should not be using this code in a production Windows PC, for that users should wait for the final release of the web browser.

Anyone that already upgraded to Windows 8 has already tested Internet Explorer 10 and it is not bad, it is really “fast and fluid”; now the web browser also supports more web standards that it ever did, and users will notice that pages load a lot faster compare to previous releases.

At first Microsoft didn’t have intentions to bring the next generation of its web browsing software to any previous version of its operating systems, but seeing at Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox platform are gaining a massive web browser market share, the company had to fight back and IE10 on Windows 7 is one of the steps.

To download the browser for Win 7, head over the Microsoft site and download.

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Note: Both links will redirect you the Microsoft Download Center, where you can also choose your own language.

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