How to install Windows Phone 8 Update 3 pre-release bits

Windows Phone 8 - HTC 8X Windows Phone

Earlier Microsoft announced the immediate release of a pre-release version of Windows Phone 8, officially known as “Update 3”. According to the company anyone who has an App Studio account, a Windows Phone Dev Center account, or a registered unlocked phone, and it’s also running the phone operating system 8.0.10322.71 should be good to get the early access.

You can read more about what’s coming in this update and what you need to consider before installing the preview here.

Now I just wanted to point out how do you go installing Windows Phone 8 Update 3 in your device. Follow the steps below:


1. Once ready, head over the Windows Phone Store and install the Preview for Developers app.

2. Make sure you understand what updating your phone could cause and click Next.

Preview for Developers app Windows Phone 8 Update 3

3. Accept the terms and conditions.

4. Sign-in with your Microsoft account.

5. In the last screen, check the Enable Preview for Developers and click done.

Enable preview for developers - Windows Phone 8 Update 3 app

6. Finally, go to Settings, Phone update, to grab the latest bits.

Note: Microsoft isn’t calling this update GDR3 (General Distribution Update 3), just “Update 3”.

After you pass the Success! screen, the Windows Phone 8 Update 3 will download and install in your device. Just keep in mind that you won’t be able to revert changes after this point.

Image source Flickr (Kārlis Dambrāns)